As a community originally we decided to go with the triennial cycle as opposed to the annual cycle. We study a lot of Tim Hegg commentary material. He has been supportive in helping us start Torah Kadosh. We felt it would be best for our communities to be studying the same materials in the same weeks.

It has been a blessing for this community as we have grown. Now that we are over seven communities, we are all studying the same material at the same time able to share with each other and learn together. It has also given us the opportunity to dig deeper into the details of HASHEM's Torah,making it much richer and filling.

We didn’t think much of the three-year cycle before, but we tried it and we found that it was really a good method of study. Doing the one-year cycle is like looking at a summary because we are forced to study very lengthy chapters, unlike the three-year cycle which gives us a chance to really process and absorb the Word of HASHEM. It gives us the opportunity to really go slow and dig deep into God’s word. We’ve been able to learn so much about all these small details. We know that HASHEM does not pick any words by accident. Everything in the Torah has a purpose. The smallest of letter has a purpose in the Torah.

The Triennial Cycle is the older of the two cycles, and likely the one used in the time of our redeemer, Yeshua haMashiach. It has been the best choice for our communities to use this cycle.