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Q: "Is the Principle of Belief in Yeshua Makes a Person Jewish Found in the Torah?"

A:  No. Technically no, but I want to explain to you why not.  We are gentiles in a sense... Read more

Q: "Do I Fight or Not Fight the Yetzer Hara? And if I Do, How Do I win?"

A:  Shaul is telling us that when we walk by the spirit, we can see how the prophet Ezekiel is showing us the new path. To understand the thing perfectly, we need to know how HaShem did the pact with the nation of Israel... Read more

Q: "I'm pressed to work on the day of Shabbat. What can I do?"

A:  Remember that Yeshua said that He does not count you condemned. He saved us. He’s the person that came to save us and is going to be the judge. It’s better to be on the side of HaShem as His friend and not His enemy... Read more